Socks or shoes? Neither.

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Skinners Skinners
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Socks or shoes? Neither.

Meet Skinners

The ultimate pocket footwear for all your adventures. Minimalist. Anti-odor. Durable. Awesome.

Where to use Skinners
and 65+ more

Simply with you. Anywhere…

We designed Skinners to be a handy companion for all your sports and travels. They fit in the pocket so it’s easy to have them around wherever you need…



Enrich your training on natural or soft surfaces and activate all your foot muscles and tendons. Skinners simulates the barefoot experience and forces your feet to adapt to the terrain. A strong athlete starts with strong feet.



Walking is a great way how to start with Skinners. Awake lower half of your calves, improve your posture and explore what your feet can do! CAUTION: Addictive! :)


Camping & Hiking

Those 4-pounds boots got the job done on that 20-mile hike but now it’s time to take off those heavy casts and give your feet a rest. Skinners let you move around the campground without getting dirty, wet or stung.



Clap-clap! Who’s there? Cycling cleats! … You know it, SPDs are great invention unless you need to get off the bike and walk in them into restaurant or castle while sightseeing .. So stop destroying your cleats and feet, get out of those hard shells and stretch your feet for a while in Skinners :)


Water sports

Slippery stones, hot sand and dirt sticking to your feet or between your fingers are not the most popular things on the beach. And if you don't need expensive neoprene shoes either, Skinners will do their job just as well...



That 10-hour flight or bus ride can be tough on your feet – trapped in shoes simply because you can’t take them off due to the cold, dirty ground or embarrassing odor.



We love your fashionable high-heels and Oxfords :). But usually 6 hours out of 8 at the air-conditioned office you are hiding them under the desk. And to be honest, because of comfort it's possible they end up next to your cold, dirty ground touching feet. Don't risk getting cold and tune up your work performance with Skinners!


Roller blading

Getting to the bike path, descending hills or getting over other obstacles in the way can be tough. But who wants to spend the whole ride with a sweaty back from carrying their spare shoes around?



Flex to the max! Enjoy the freedom, great grip and stay away from dust, cold and dirt that’s to be found on your favorite studio‘s floor.

Fitness & yoga


Socks, flip-flops, running shoes. Skinners disrupt this trinity of gym footwear and combine the advantages of each – the freedom of a sock, the great grip and the basic protection of shoes.


Our reviews...

“These ultra-tough socks almost stopped me wearing shoes.”

Sam Byford – The Verge

“More than reading any book or listening to advice, a few sessions in the Skinners gave me a new understanding (and appreciation) of foot mechanics.”

Andy Robertson – Forbes

“Skinners barefoot running socks are so durable you can walk on broken glass.”

Zoe Meggert – Digital Trends

Freedom, protection & portability


Antibacterial yarns with pure silver (Ag+)


Toe protection


SKINNERS StrechtKnit


Anti-abrasive swedish polymer


Waterproof underside


Adhesive and phtalatefree double layer

Skinners 1,5” - 4 cm
weight: 80 g
Anti-odor iconAnti-Odor
Ultraportable iconUltraportable
Durable iconDurable
Washable iconWashable
Barefoot iconBarefoot
Handmade iconHandmade

Color variations


“Tested with 80 flights a year. The best thing to move around at the airport.”

Marian Ch. – Skinners owner

“Addictive! After few weeks, I could not go back to regular running shoes anymore…“

Richard Johnson – Skinners owner

“Freedom + protection everywhere I need.”

Monica P. – Skinners owner

We are worldwide

Thanks to you Skinners are now in more than 75 countries and on every continent. Simply anywhere.


  • 01

    Hey, are Skinners socks or shoes?

    Neither, yet both. We combined the best from both worlds - the freedom of a sock and the protection of a shoe into one nifty entity. Simply put, Skinners are a new piece/kind of clothing..

  • 02

    When do I get to choose the size and color?

    Kickstarter does not allow us to send you an e-mail directly during the campaign. Therefore we will ask for your size and color after the campaign ends. Skinners are available in 7 different colors and 6 sizes - all for the same price.

  • 03

    I have ordered more than one pair of Skinners. Can I choose different colors and sizes?

    Of course. Choose the combination you want :).

  • 04

    Should I wear Skinners with or without socks?

    It's up to you. Whatever you'll prefer more :).

  • 05

    Skinners do look fragile, aren't they going to break after a while?

    No, we designed them to last. The bottom material is highly abrasive resistant and is similar to landing area on flagships. Knitting is seamless and there's no glue or any other adhesive that could fall apart in time. Simply put, there's nothing to break. You can just worn them out…

  • 06

    After how many miles do I wear them out?

    We wore the same model for more than a year and it's still doing fine. But it really depends if you are 250lbs guy using Skinners for running on road or 100lbs girl using Skinners as a backup shoes or just for walking on soft surfaces. That’s why we cannot promise the exact mileage. But don't worry our experience is that they lasted more than some pieces of running shoes for 150$.

  • 07

    Talking about running, how does it feel to run barefoot in them?

    Running in Skinners is really like running barefoot. We believe it's (when practise responsibly) good for proper muscle and tendon development. We recommend to start walking in them on natural or soft surfaces and then gradually work up from here to running short distances. It’s possible that previous long-term use of constrictive or rigid footwear may have led to weakened your foot muscles and tendons. If it so then you have to gradually train them to regain strength. As for asphalt, other hard surfaces, long distances or dangerous environments where you wouldn’t run barefoot, we recommend sticking to classic running shoes.

  • 08

    What about Skinners and ECO aspect? I bet you make them in some Asian sweatshop and pollute the Earth!

    Since Skinners are completely handmade in family manufacture in Europe, we strictly obey legislation of the European Union. We don't use any toxic plasticizer either, so our compounds are completely phthalates-free and production waste is minimized below 1%. Simply put, production of Skinners is NOT associated with harming people, animals or the environment.

  • 09

    Can I really wash them in the machine?

    Yes, set the washing machine to gentle cycle, throw Skinners in with your regular clothes and wash them together. After you finish, hang them out to dry and wear them again.

  • 10

    Hey, there's no arch support!

    It's not, because you don't need one. According to studies, 97% of population is born with healthy feet. Their latter arch problems are mostly caused by weak foot muscles and tendons. How do we know all of this? Because Skinners were developed in cooperation with medical experts in orthopaedics and podiatry. Still in doubt? Just Google something about flexor digitorum brevis or plantar fascia to find out more :).

  • 11

    Hey, why didn't this stuff exist before?

    That's the only question we don´t have the answer for :).

  • 12

    What about custom duties, sales taxes, VAT, etc.?

    We've already sent dozens of pairs all over the world without any problem for recipients. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee it and if there will be some duties you are responsible for that. For orders from EU VAT is included (to Europe we ship from warehouse located there)